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The Bank of Albania (Albanian: Banka e Shqipërisë) is the central bank of Albania based in Tirana.

Albania had its first central bank institution in 1913. It was founded under the agreement concluded between Ismail Qemali Government with Mr. Karol Pitner and Mr. Oskar Pollak, representatives of Wienner Bank Verein, acting on behalf of the Austrian-Hungarian bank-group and Mr. Pietro Fenolio and Mr. Guido Ansbaher, representatives of the Banca Commerciale Italiana, acting on behalf of the Italian banking group. This institution did not live long due to the political climate of the era and to the outbreak the First World War.

It recommenced its activity in 1925 under the name National Bank of Albania, with the administrative centre located in Durrësi and Administrative Committee placed in Roma. The re-establishment of the Bank became a reality due to the concluded agreement between Mr. Mufid Libohova acting on behalf of the Albanian Government with Mr. Mario Albertit operating on behalf of the Italian financial group.

The circulation of the first Albanian currency unit took place in February 1926. The gold franc was set out as the official monetary unit. Our currency had its subdivisions (Lek, cents, 1 gold franc equated to 5 Lek and 100 cents) and its manifolds (5, 20 and 100 gold francs).

The National Bank of Albania (1925-1944) changed to the State Bank of Albania (1944-1992) and later in 1992 to the its present name of Bank of Albania.


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