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Bank of Baroda revises Domestic Term Deposits interest rates

February 2, 2011‐ Vadodara, Gujarat, India

A 181-270 days term deposit interest rate is reduced from 7% to 6.75%. However, a 1-year and up to 443 days deposit rate was moved from 8.25% to 8.75%. The Baroda Utsav Deposit Scheme deposit for 444 days that will be offered till March 31, 2011 will fetch 9.1%

A 0.25% upward hike was offered for 445-days to 3 years deposit as well as to 3 year to 10 years deposit.

The 5-year and 5-year to 10-year tax savings scheme deposit will fetch 8.50%

The new interest rates are effective February 2, 2011 for fresh and renewals.

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