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About Banking in Turkmenistan

The Central Bank of Turkmenistan is the central bank of the country. Manata is the official currency.

Banks / ATMs by region

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  • Ahal Province
  • Ashgabat City
  • Balkan Province
  • Dasoguz Province
  • Lebap Province
  • Mary Province

Banks in Turkmenistan

  • Central Bank of Turkmenistan
  • Daykhanbank (Agricultural Bank), Asgabat (state bank)
  • Garagum Bank JSCB, Asgabat
  • Garashsyzlyk bank JSCB, Asgabat
  • Investbank, Asgabat
  • Presidentbank, Asgabat
  • Rossysky Kredit, Asgabat
  • Rysgal JSCB
  • Sberbank Bank (Savings Bank), Asgabat (state bank)
  • Senagat bank JSCB, Asgabat
  • State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan
  • State Development Bank of Turkmenistan
  • Turkmen Sknietrsk Bank Ltd, Asgabat
  • Turkmen-Russian Kreditbank JB, Asgabat
  • Turkmen-Turkish Bank JB, Asgabat
  • Turkmenbashibank, Asgabat (state bank)
  • Turkmenistanbank, Asgabat (state bank)
  • Turkmenvnesheconombank, Asgabat (state bank)


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