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About Banking in Mali

The World Economic Forum, in its report - The Global Competitiveness Report 2010–2011, has ranked Mali at # 128 with a score of 3.9 in terms of soundness of banks in the country. The score bettered to 4.4 and the ranking improved to #128 as per 2011-12 report. The score continued to be at 4.4 and rankings improved to #112 as per the 2012-13 report but dropped to a score of 4.1 and a ranking of #119 as per 2013-14 report.

Banks in Mali

  • Bank of Africa - Mali
  • Banque Atlantique Mali
  • Banque Commerciale du Sahel
  • Banque de l'Habitat du Mali
  • Banque Internationale pour le Commerce et l'Industrie au Mali
  • Banque Internationale pour le Mali
  • Banque Malienne de Solidarité'Industrie au Mali
  • Banque Nationale de Développement Agricole (BNDA) (National Agricultural De
  • Banque Régionale de Solidarité-Mali
  • Banque Sahélo-Saharienne pour l'Investissement et le Commerce (BSSIC)


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