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About Banking in Lithuania

The Central Bank of Lithuanian, starting from 1994, took up the serious task of setting standards for chartering new banks. By then the number of banks operating in the country came down from 27 to 10. The Central Bank insists that all commercial banks be audited by an international audit frim every year. Small deposits are insured under the deposit insurance system.

Taupomasis Bankas (translates to The Savings Bank) is the most popular bank in the country.

Internet banking is popular amongst Lithuanians. As many as 50% of adult population do their banking using the Internet banking interface. Women penintration, with 68%, is more.

The World Economic Forum, in its report - The Global Competitiveness Report 2010–2011, has ranked Lithuania at # 87 with a score of 4.8 in terms of soundness of banks in the country.

Banks / ATMs by region

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Banks in Lithuania

  • AB "Swedbank" (previously AB bankas "Hansabankas")
  • AB Šiaulių bankas
  • AB Ūkio bankas
  • AB bankas "Snoras"
  • AB DnB NORD bankas
  • AB Sampo bankas
  • AB SEB bankas
  • Bank of Lithuania
  • SEB Vilniaus Bankas
  • Taupomasis Bankas
  • UAB Medicinos bankas
  • Vilniaus Bankas


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