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About Banking in Bahrain

The banking and financial services sector of Bahrain is mostly of Islamic banking and have benefited from the regional boom driven by demand for oil.

The World Economic Forum, in its report - The Global Competitiveness Report 2010–2011, has ranked Bahrain at # 19 in terms of soundness of banks in the country.

Bahrain Banking News

Banks in Bahrain

  • ABC Islamic Bank
  • Ahli United Bank
  • Al Baraka Islamic Bank
  • Al-Salam Bank -Bahrain
  • Arab Banking Corporation
  • Arab Islamic Bank
  • Bahrain International Bank
  • Bahrain Islamic Bank
  • Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait in Bahrain
  • BMI Bank
  • Capinnova Investment Bank
  • Capital Management House
  • Capivest
  • Central Bank of Bahrain
  • Citi Islamic Investment Bank
  • Citibank Bahrain
  • Elaf Bank
  • First Energy Bank
  • First Investment Bank
  • Global Banking Corporation
  • Gulf Finance House
  • International Investment Bank
  • Investment Dar Bank
  • Investors Bank
  • Ithmaar Bank
  • Khaleeji Commercial Bank
  • Kuwait Finance House (Bahrain)
  • Kuwait Turkish Participation Bank Inc
  • Liquidity Management Centre
  • National Bank Of Bahrain
  • Seera Investment Bank
  • Unicorn Investment Bank
  • Venture Capital Bank


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